Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Clever idea...Props to SUPREME.

As far as I know DAMJN put game on Nunchucks years ago. A lot of skepticism towards the choice of this particular Martial Arts weapon being placed in our designs and didn’t make any sense to people. I felt that I needed a tool with purpose...something uncommon that represents me and not just a typical symbol used by many such as guns etc (not that I don't mind guns). The original Nunchaku consists of two sticks, a chain or rope and is complex in its use.

The sticks are made out of wood which symbolizes Strength,Longevity, and Expansion. Wood is a manipulating element that can be used for almost everything.

Chained Metal links symbolizes unity, brotherhood, Struggle, and for those of you who had run-ins with the Law I’m sure you can understand the relation of chains within your lifestyle.

I understand and believe that certain fashion is NOT for everyone..and it shouldn't be. To claim that your aesthetic is "Strictly" for everyone...its not true..not everything is for every individual. There is reason to all my designs and how it relates to my lifestyle or others whether past, present, or future. Its not just bandwagon product I create …its real life translated through art. If you can't relate to it...than its simply not for you.

DAMJN Discipline tee


Usually the first instinct on this design is a negative sign of violence that may involve a secret society. Its true, any disciplinary action that involves cracking someone’s dome is savagely violent and should remain secret. On the other hand it also can mean “Opening the Mind if its windows are covered with Blinds”-DEO DAMJN…to think a new and create self being without abiding what all of us seem to limit and discipline ourselves in our everyday life. Enlightened Lotus Cypher symbolizes Life/Rebirth and the purity of any ones well being. Live a little and think out the motherf***in box here and there. Vengeance strip on the back is that of to remind yourselves what you need to regain or achieve as if it was already yours.

The design can be stereo typically mislead, and that is what brings the joy into what I do. In order to understand you have to learn how to look beyond the cloth and not just whats on it or beneath it. One of The Greatest Tricks in the book was convincing the world that certain things didn't exist.

Heres a Nokia promo clip with Bruce Lee using the nunchuck in a whole different way...

Nunchucks built its popularity with Bruce Lee and he was able to use the weapon in Beating his opponent even without inflicting damage.

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