Thursday, December 9, 2010




New York based Tattoo Artist Scott Campbell featured in Louis Vuitton's 2011 Spring/Summer Collection introduces a collaboration of art, fashion and lifestyle. LV will release a series of video's following Campbell around to various secret locations and keeping him really busy in designing and submitting new ideas. While pursuing his passion for what he does, Louis Vuitton continues to focus on ongoing projects with Campbell and expressing his day-to-day lifestyle.

I think it's nice that LV has an open mind to Campbell's insight and work of art in molding a creative collection. Its always good that you choose the right artist and not so much of the best to design a specific collection. Choose one that has meaning in his artwork. Creative expression makes the collection more authentic, real with purpose and not just another design. It's not always what's hot for the moment so it can sell. It's about giving chance and breaking that fear of what you may think is going to sit on the shelf. It's more or less of creating realism and being able to produce something your comfortable with, something people can relate to on the inside and not just the outside. Originality in what you do makes things so much more exclusive and gives purpose for each individuals recognition. Being able to communicate through design, photos, art, music, or fashion has no boundaries which allows you to be you.

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